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Archives Relating to the War Years

Category Information Held
First World War: Northern Echo 1914
Selection of Photographs
List of Casualties from Wheatley Hill
Photo of J S Youll VC
Photo of Thomas Kenny VC and biographical information by Jack Etherington
Transfer notice for Corporal William Walker DLI 1918
"The Wheatley Hill Boys" - charts the short war experiences of four boys from Wheatley Hill - two brothers, their cousin, and a friend
Absent Voters List from Wheatley Hill, Thornley and Ludworth
4 Posters - propaganda information
Selection of postcards of WW1 propaganda and events
War Memorials in Wheatley Hill - 1914 - 1918 by Margaret Hedley
CD Books - The Great War
Cigarette card containing the image of Thomas Kenny VC
Second World War: Selection of photographs
Rationing entitlements
Motor fuel ration book
Home Guard Certificate - William H Carr
Army Papers - Stan Walker
Home Guard Certificate of Proficiency - L/Cps E Winnard
Report surrounding the death of G Atkinson RAF 1943
Series of Newspaper articles charting the progress of Fin Haddock, a prisoner of War in France
Identity Cards - Mr and Mrs Facey
Ration Book
National Registration Identity Card
Newspaper article - 50th Wedding Anniversary of Mrs and Mrs Smith - Mr Smith was a prisoner of war during 2nd World War
Northern Echo - End of the War
Wartime birthday greetings card sent by Stan Walker
Civil Defence General Services Certificate - Mr Jasper (1945)
Army Papers - Stan Walker
3 Wartime newspapers
Cassette tape - Our Finest Hour - music and speeches from World War 2
3 Propaganda posters
Notice - Road Traffic During an Air Raid Warning, 1939 (issued by Durham County Council)
Notice - Air Raid Precautions Instructions, 1939 (issued by Durham County Council)
Notice - What Drivers and Cyclists Should do After an Air Raid Signal has been Given, 1939 (issued by Durham County Council)
Experiences - Emie Reynolds
Air raid shelter in Lynn Terrace
Thornley Roll of Honour 1939 - 1945 and other information re. Thornley at War
Clothing vouchers
VJ Day Video of events happening throughout the village
Remembrance DVD of re-dedication of war memorial
Miscellaneous: Details of an accident involving a De Haviland Mosquito near Thornley in 1946
Photo of Poppy Sellers, 1930's