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Archives Relating to the Pit

Category Information Held
Views of the Pit: Selection of photographs showing Wheatley Hill pit
Pit Baths
Lamp cabin
Fred Armstrong & Hutton Seam Winder
Hutton Seam Winder
Jack Graggs, pump man
Wheatley Hill Pit Yard (coloured)
Band and Banner: Selection of photographs showing Wheatley HIll band and banners
Video of Wheatley Hill banner at Durham Miners Gala 2000/01
Photo of bandsman Peter Gair, 1930's
British Pathe Footage of 1935 Durham Miners Gala with Wheatley Hill Banner being paraded up Cemetery Road, Wheatley Hill
British Pathe news clip of 1935 Gala on DVD
1968 photograph of the Miners Gala
Workers at the Pit: Selection of photographs showing workmen at the pit
Notice of opening of pit head baths, 1939
Retained Fire Service: Selection of Photographs
Sinking: Poster - Rules for sinking Wheatley Hill Pit 1860's
Map showing coal winning area of the Thornley Coal Company
1884 Sale notice: Sale Notice and other particulars including maps of the sale of Thornley, Ludworth and Wheatley Hill Collieries in 1884.
Winding Engine: Video of Wheatley Hill Colliery winding engine working in 1968
Set of slides showing various equipment at the pit both on the surface and underground including winding engine
Details and audio tape recording of winding engine safety tests
Drawings by J K Harrison of the vertical winding engine
Decorative plate attached to No 2 winding engine
Plans of the winding engine house
Closure: Newspaper articles from Hartlepool Mail, Durham Advertiser and Northern Echo 1968 dealing with closure of Wheatley Hill Pit
Payment of Wages: Pay notes: 1915, 1940, 1943, 1957 and 1960
Wages sheets from December 1928 and April 1929 - includes details of amounts paid to detal workers and lists of workers and their marras
1969 pay note
Overman's bill for Wheatley Hill Pit, Hutton Seam - August 1929
Shaft & Underground: Drawings of shaft sections of Wheatley Hill pit
3 photographs showing underground views
Underground photos of Yorkshire Pits
Miners Hall: Artists impression of Miners Hall, 1935
Architects Drawings of Miners Hall, 1935
Miscellaneous: Authorisation ticket for Deputy 1930, Overman 1947, Signal Rapper 1956
Death Fund Rules 1932 for Thornley, Ludworth and Wheatley Hill
Poem "Wheatley Hill Colliery" by Ben Aitken
Newspaper articles and elctronic copy of articles from 1830 - 1885 from Durham Chronicle about Thornley, Ludworth and Wheatley Hill that made up the research for our Book on the Thornley Coal Company
Map of the Miners Heritage Trail - a walk that connects the villages of Wheatley Hill, Thornley, Wingate, Trimdon, Station Town and Huitton Henry.
Certificate of Training, 1955 - Brian Maddison
Plan of Wheatley Hill Colliery heapstead
Photograph of Yellow Tanky
Death Fund Booklet - Thornley Colliery
Plan of Wheatley Hill Colliery heapstead
Insurance Certificate - Wheatley Hill Colliery, 1934